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Lasik Lawsuits:

June 13th, 2009:  $5.6 Million LASIK Lawsuit Win: 
Johnson Devadas and Saramma Devadas v. Kevin Niksarli, M.D., Manhattan LASIK Center, PLLC, and NewSight Laser Center, PLLC


Judge Issues OVER $1.0 million for LASIK damages to Mr. David N. Cantalupo from botched LASIK surgery by Dr. Mark Whitten

A North Huntingdon man won more than $1 million in a malpractice lawsuit in which he contended his laser eye surgery was botched.  A jury in Allegheny County Common Pleas Court on Wednesday ordered Dr. Mark E Whitten, of Rockville, Md., to pay $850,000 to David N. Cantalupo, on whom the doctor performed surgery in 2001 at The Laser Center in Wexford. Mr. Cantalupo also received settlements from three other defendants named in the suit --The Laser Center and two optometrists -- bringing the total he is to receive to more than $1 million.  According to the lawsuit, the surgery left Mr. Cantalupo with permanent eye damage.  In his lawsuit, Mr. Cantalupo said he has unusually thin corneas, which makes LASIK surgery, in which the cornea is reshaped by a laser, more risky. The lawsuit contended that doctors knew about Mr. Cantalupo's thin corneas but never told him of the risk.

Dr. Whitten is best known for performing laser surgery on golfer Tiger Woods. 
Source:   http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/08326/929609-56.stm

Judge Issues $2.1 million for LASIK damages to Mr. David Mazie from a bad LASIK surgery by Dr. Della Russo

Roseland, NJ:
You know how some people just seem smart—well that’s how attorney David Mazie seems. Smart! At age 46 Mazie has won millions and millions of dollars on behalf of clients lucky enough to get his firm to take on their case. His most recent win is an eye popping $2.1 million settlement recovered for a 47-year old man rendered legally blind because of a Lasik eye surgery procedure. “The settlement is large because the malpractice was clear,” says Mazie, “and the damage was significant and it significantly impacted Mr. Dell’Ermo’s life.”

Lasik surgery alters the shape of the cornea to eliminate the need to wear glasses. The surgery was pioneered in Bogota, Columbia in the 1950s and over the last two decades, the introduction of laser technology has made it a commonplace and popular choice for tens of thousands of people.

James Dell’Ermo was an executive with a security services business. His vision was good, but at age 47, he needed glasses for distance. To correct his vision he chose a well-known eye doctor in New Jersey. Dr. Joesph Dello Russo has been something of a celebrity on the east coast as attorney David Mazie describes him. Della Russo once performed Lasik surgery live on "Good Morning America" and spent thousands of dollars every year promoting his eye clinic.
Source:  http://www.lawyersandsettlements.com/articles/11197/David-Mazie-lawyer-interview.html

DECEMBER 17, 2004
Judge Issues Order to Protect Expert Witness from TLC Intimidation

Decision of Interest;
New York Supreme Court, New York County;
Justice Schlesinger

Counsel also included articles printed from the web, which suggest via letters and e-mails that experts who have testified for plaintiffs in LASIK cases have been subjected to anger and abuse, such as being called "whores" and "prostitutes." 

Finally, counsel states that he has approached other ophthalmologists, some even from outside of the Metropolitan area, three of whom had declined to testify, even though they had found merit to the claim, because the defendants included TLC and Mark Speaker. 


I believe plaintiff has presented a sufficient showing of fear and retaliation anticipated by his expert if further information is given over, enough to have sustained his burden entitling him to a protective order. Therefore, I am granting plaintiff's cross-motion for a protective order and denying defendants' motion to compel further disclosure and holding that the doctor will not have to provide information beyond that already given in plaintiff's April 27, 2004 Expert Witness Disclosure

Source:  http://www.lasikfraud.com/news/archives/000075.html

FEBRUARY 15, 2004
TLC V.P. of Marketing Describes Co-management Payments to Optometrists As "Marketing Costs"

Comanagement costs overlap with marketing costs,” says Anna Austin, vice president of marketing for TLC Vision. “If you’re comanaging some of your refractive patients, obviously you may pay more to the comanager than if you just followed up the patient yourself. But, that referral might have actually replaced a marketing cost you would have incurred if you had to generate that patient. So, though there’s a cost in maintaining a relationship with that optometrist, such as helping him hold seminars in his office, it may be substantially less than doing any kind of advertising.

Source:  www.revophth.com/index.asp?page=1_469.htm

FALL 2003
TLC Pays $900,000 to Settle Malpractice Lawsuit Against Dr. Steven Brint

Using assembly-line-like procedures, TLC-employed optometrists oversaw initial testing procedures, pre-qualified patients for surgery, and then lined up surgical candidates upon whom Dr. Brint would fly in to operate.  Surgery was performed on both of Judge Hoch’s eyes on the same occasion.

By all accounts, Dr. Brint’s surgical technique was flawless.  By Dr. Brint’s own candid admission, however, Judge Hoch never should have been operated on at all.  The screening tests conducted by TLC and provided to Dr. Brint for review before surgery showed that Judge Hoch had a condition called keratoconus – irregularly shaped corneas – that disqualified him for LASIK surgery.  Instead of improving Judge Hoch’s vision, the surgery triggered a series of worsening vision problems that led to legal blindness in one eye that could only be improved – though not completely cured – by a corneal transplant.  The need for at least one additional corneal transplant in the other eye is expected.


TLC agreed to pay $900,000 to settle the portion of the case directed against it.  Trial preparation for the case against Dr. Brint continued until a separate negotiated settlement was reached with Dr. Brint’s liability insurance carrier.

Source:  Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley, PA
Press Release:  Adobe PDF Format  HTML Format

MARCH 31, 2003
TLC Closes Thirteen Centers

During the transitional period ended December 31, 2002, the Company recorded a $4.7 million restructuring charge for the closure of 13 centers and the elimination of 36 full-time equivalent positions primarily at the Company's Toronto headquarters.

Source:  SEC 10-K Form 

MARCH 14, 2003
Dr. David Boes and Dr. Mark Kontos Sued by Richard Zickefoose for Medical Malpractice

Richare Zickefoose is seeking unspecified damges from  TLC for lasik damage caused by Dr. David Boes and Dr. Mark Kontos.  In his lawsuit, Richard Zickefoose alleges that: 

The malpractice complained of herein has injured Mr. Zickefoose's eyes and permanently damaged his vision, caused, caused him to incur substantial health care expenses, diminished the quality of his life, and caused other economic and non-economic damge and harm, past and future.


As the records to be gathered by the Panel will reveal, the surgery did not go well, and resulted in injury to the eyes, blurry visio, and other on-term and continuing problems.  From there, a long, confusing, and expensive course of examinations and treatments by TLC and various other health care practitioners ensued.  There was no post-operative surgical follow-up by the surgeon for almost four months.

The Lawsuit:  Adobe PDF Format

JANUARY 23, 2003
Dr. Mark Speaker Sued by Mark Schiffer for Medical Malpractice

Mark Schiffer is seeking unspecified damges from  TLC for lasik damage caused by Dr. Mark Speaker.  In his lawsuit, Mark Schiffer alleges that: 

The defendants, their agents, servants, and/or employees, were negligent in the services rendered for and on behalf of plaintiff, in failing to use reasonable care; in failing to heed plaintiff's condition; in departing from accepted standards in the procedures and treatment performed; in failing to follow appropriate practice; in failing to properly examine plaintiff; in failing to properly treat plaintiff's eyes; in failing to determine that plaintiff was not a candidate for Lasik eye surgery; in performing Lasik eye surgery on plaintiff when said procedure was contraindicated; and were otherwise negligent in their treatment of plaintiff.  As a result, plaintiff Mark Schiffer was permanently injured and has incurred special damages.

The Lawsuit  HTML Format   Adobe PDF Format

OCTOBER 12, 2002
Insurer Raises Malpractice Deductible from $25,000 to $250,0000 (Per Lawsuit)

The provision of medical services at TLC Vision's centers entails an inherent risk of potential malpractice and other similar claims. Through September 30, 2002, former LaserVision sites have a $25,000 deductible per claim. As of October 1, 2002 all of TLC Vision's professional malpractice insurance will likely have a $250,000 deductible per claim. Patients at TLC Vision's centers execute informed consent statements prior to any procedure performed by doctors at TLC Vision's centers, but these consents may not provide adequate liability protection.

Source:  SEC 10-K Form 

JULY 12, 2002
Dr. Mark Speaker Sued by Scott Shilstat for Medical Malpractice

Scott Shilstat is seeking $5 million in damages from TLC for lasik damage caused by Dr. Mark Speaker.  In his lawsuit, Scott Shilstat alleges that: 

as a result of the foregoing medical diagnosis, care and treatment, including, but not limited to, the diagnosis, surgeries, discharge, aftercare management and follow-up medical treatment, the plaintiff was caused to sustain severe injuries and complications, including but not limited to: loss of vision, itchiness, redness and a severe dryness of both eyes, and star burst affect.  


Said occurrence was due to the careless and negligence and/or departed from good medical practice of the defendant's, TLC Laser Eye Center, Inc. and Mark G. Speaker, M.D., PH.D., in that said medical services were performed in a careless and unskilled manner and/or that defendants failed to reasonably perform said necessary medical services constituting professional negligence and/or departed from good medical practice resulting in serious and permanent injuries to the plaintiff.

The Lawsuit  Adobe PDF Format

JUNE 26, 2002
Dr. Martin Fox and Dr. William Tullo Sued by Lawrence Reif for Medical Malpractice

Lawrence Reif is seeking $30 million in damages from TLC for complications arising after undergoing lasik.  Mr. Reif alleges, among other things, that:

Plaintiff, in fact, was not a proper candidate for Lasik eye surgery, given his severe nearsightedness, severe astigmatism and very large pupils.  Moreover, Plaintiff's condition of convergence insufficiency was a contraindication for Lasik eye surgery.


At no time prior to performing the surgery did Dr. Fox perform a complete eye examination, including an evaluation for strabismus.  On information and belief, Dr. Fox also did not review Dr. Schlussel's records.  Dr. Fox nevertheless determined that Plaintiff was a proper candidate for the surgery.


As a direct result of his inability to perform the requisite duties of his employment, Plaintiff's employment was terminated on April 12, 2001.

The Lawsuit  Adobe PDF Format

MAY 10, 2002
TLC Sued by TLC Malpractice Foundation for Malicious Prosecution

Ronald Pasqualino of the TLC Malpractice Foundation has filed a  "SLAPP Back" lawsuit against TLC, in response to TLC's lawsuit alleging defamation by Pasqualino.  Anonymous sources who do not wish to be identified, state that TLC now wants to drop their defamation suit, after learning that they have been ordered to turn over self-incriminating company documents. 

The Documents in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format 
Part 1
  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

APRIL 24, 2002
Dr. Mark Whitten Damages Vision of Professional Golfer


TLC has obtained an endorsement from Tiger Woods who had lasik performed by Dr. Mark Whitten.  Tiger Woods failed to mention that he received a competitive advantage over Scott Hoch, when Dr. Whitten damaged the vision of Scott Hoch.

Excerpt (News-Record)

He called his doctor, Mark Whitten, after missing the cut that Friday and had laser procedures on both eyes the following Monday.

Excerpt (Golf Online):  

GREENSBORO, N.C. (AP) -- A vision problem has forced defending champion Scott Hoch to withdraw from the Greater Greensboro Chrysler Classic."

Hoch, 46, who has had complications from eye surgery in January 2001, had a third laser procedure earlier in the week and was still having trouble with distortion in his right eye Thursday.

The 23-year PGA Tour veteran tried wearing a contact Wednesday during the pro-am to correct the problem, but that didn't work because of swelling in the eye caused by astigmatism.

"This is disappointing," Hoch said after withdrawing from the $3.8 million tournament. "Unless you're Tiger [Woods] there's not too many opportunities to defend. That's something you always look forward to."

APRIL 24, 2002
TLC Sues Patient After Ruining His Vision

TLC has filed suit against the Director of the TLC Malpractice Foundation, Ron Pasqualino, for putting up a website at www.tlcmalpractice.org.  TLC claims that "Defendant's false and defamatory statements published on the Website and in the Yahoo! Postings have exposed TLC to distrust, hatred, and contempt.  As a result of Defendants' false and defamatory statements, TLC's business has been injured and TLC has suffered substantial damages to its reputation."  Such lawsuits are generally known as SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation).

In the lawsuit, TLC's lawyer points out the many typographical errors on the website.  Ron Pasqualino, who has already had one cornea transplant following lasik at TLC, states that the typographical errors are due to his inability to clearly see his computer monitor and keyboard.

Ron Pasqualino states that he is not impressed by TLC's lawsuit and that he plans to bring a parade of witnesses into court to demonstrate that the allegations made by TLC are false.  He also states that the CEO of TLC, Elias Vamvakas, will be deposed in Florida.  Pasqualino also indicates that all financial records, stockholder records, and patient records of TLC will be subpoenaed. 

The Lawsuit: Adobe PDF format

APRIL 18, 2002
"Birds of a Feather Fly Together"


TLC announced that shareholders approved a merger agreement with Laser Vision Centers.  Executives at Laser Vision Centers (LVCI) have been found guilty of engaging in illegal activities.  On January 12, 2001, LVCI issued a press release admitting that four executives had been fined $1,500,000 by the FDA for illegally obtaining and using laser key cards from 1996 - 1998, in order to operate on patients who fell outside of FDA recommended guidelines.  LVCI executives tried to justify their actions by claiming that "everybody does it":  http://www.lasikcourt.com/lvci/yahoo-010112.pdf

APRIL 10, 2002
Dr. Stanley Braverman Accused in Criminal Complaint

TLC patient Ron Pasqualino has filed a lawsuit and criminal complaints against TLC surgeon Stanley Braverman, and optometrist Jon Jacobs following multiple failed lasik surgeries.  An expert witness, Dr. James Salz, wrote in an affidavit that 

as a result of the negligence of Dr. Braverman and TLC as stated above, including but not limited to what appears to be a deliberate attempt to manipulate the records, Mr. Pasqualino's vision has been severely compromised and has resulted in the need for bilateral corneal transplantation, which has already been performed on his left eye.

TLC considers Dr. Braverman to be one of their best surgeons, as they have published the following statement on their web site:  

"Dr. Braverman is a certified proctor for the TLC Laser Eye Centers, teaching other ophthalmologists how to perform LASIK and PRK".

The Lawsuit:  HTML format
The Expert Witness Affidavit: 
HTML format
The Lawsuit & Expert Witness Affidavit: 
Adobe PDF format
The Criminal Complaint:
Adobe PDF format

MARCH 29,  2002
Eric Donnenfeld Loses $2.5 Million in Malpractice Lawsuit

TLC Medial Director of Garden City, Eric Donnenfeld, along with several other surgeons suggests marketing lasik to non-candidates:

"Tell every patient that you perform LASIK. Tell patients who would never be candidates themselves, including cataract patients and patients with chronic or intractable eye disease. Every single patient you see can be a referral source, and may be your best referral source."  http://www.revophth.com/1999/july_articles/799%20lasik.htm

One nurse who had cataract surgery with Dr. Donnenfeld, is not likely to provide a positive referral for Dr. Donnenfeld's lasik services:

Article from the New York Law Journal:

VERDICT: $2.5 million
Frances Kavanagh v. Eric Donnenfield, MD., 30138/96
Nassau Supreme

JUSTICE: Thomas P. Phelan

ATTORNEYS: David M. SHearer of Shearer & Essner, L.L. P., Manhattan, for plaintiff;
Angela Fabiano of the Law Offices of Mitchell J. Angel PLLC, Mineola, for Dr. Eric Donnenfeld.

FACTS: On April 12, 1995, Frances Kavanagh, a 68-year-old retired nurse, underwent a cataract extraction by Dr. Eric Donnenfeld at the Mercy Medical Center in Rockville Centre. Ms. Kavanagh claimed that during the administration of anesthesia the doctor injured her left eye. She also claimed that the doctor failed to timely diagnose the injury despite the presence of a vitreous hemorrhage post-operatively. Ms. Kavanagh further claimed that Dr. Donnenfeld failed to properly treat the post-operative bleeding, resulting in the formation of a macular hole.

Dr. Donnenfeld contended that the post-operative bleeding and the formation of the macular hole were caused by vitreous traction, which was caused by a vitreous wick that resulted from the disruption to the zonules during the cataract extraction. The doctor further claimed that the vitreous traction caused a retinal tear, causing bleeding and the macular hole.

Ms. Kavanagh claimed that she now suffers permanent "finder count" vision in her left eye, and that she is virtually blind in that eye.

DISBURSEMENT: $2.5 million. Breakdown: $11.5 million for past pain and suffering; $1 million for future pain and suffering.

MARCH 24, 2002
Dr. Anthony Kameen Sued by Linda Shope for Medical Malpractice


"A Second Look" which was published by the Baltimore Sun, describes the surgical outcome of Linda Shope.  Linda Shope is suing TLC surgeon Anthony Kameen for medical malpractice.


Every morning Linda Shope makes herself an optical sandwich. She puts in her soft contact lenses, inserts hard contacts on top of them, then dons a pair of tinted eyeglasses. And she still can't see well enough to drive a car or write a check.  "I'm hoping I can have a cornea transplant," says Shope, 53, of Waldorf. "What hurts is my whole life has turned upside down."  ...  "I feel in my heart I was a guinea pig," says Shope. "I kick myself and say, 'Why was I so stupid?'" 

MARCH 13, 2002
Dr. Mark Speaker Sued by Craig Brown

The Lawsuit  Adobe PDF Format

MARCH 1, 2002
Laser Vision Centers Executive Commits E-mail Blooper

I (Brent Hanson) own the domain name of tlcvisioncenters.com and TLC owns the domain name of brentahanson.com.  Laser Vision Centers executive Mary Guccione, appears to not know the difference between these domain names, as she sent the following e-mail to me, using the e-mail address of bob.ryan@tlcvisioncenters.com.


Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 15:04:12 -0600
"Guccione, Mary" <MGuccione@laservision.com>
To: Bob.Ryan@tlcvisioncenters.com

Good afternoon, Bob,

I just wanted to drop you a line and say "thank-you" again for bringing me to your team. I'm very excited about it. I will be bringing my marketing strategy reports I have with lead tracking and conversion rates with me to St. Louis. I will have reports for Worcester, Ma.; Providence, RI.; Boston, Ma. and Hartford, Conn. These will have updated budgets as well. If you think you need anything in addition to these, let me know and I will be more than happy to put it together for you and the rest of the team.

Talk to you soon,
Mary Guccione
Laser Vision Centers, Inc.
Account Manager
417-882-7717 ext. 25
417-882-6041 fax

FEBRUARY 27, 2002
TLC Investigated by the State Medical Board of Ohio

A TLC center in Ohio has been exposed by the News Channel 5 in Cleveland for failing to provide proper screening for lasik patients. The State Medical Board of Ohio has subsequently launched an investigation of TLC. 


Whatever happened, at least one thing is crystal clear about other LASIK cases -- problems in the operating room usually started with mistakes made much earlier during the examination. 

Assistant (undercover) -- "I'm checking the curvature of the eye." 

Duane Pohlman -- We sent a NewsChannel5 employee and a hidden camera in TLC -- a high-volume, LASIK center in Independence. 

During the exam, tests were performed, not by the surgeon, but a medical assistant. 

And that medical assistant told our patient she would not get to see the surgeon. 

Assistant (undercover) -- "The day of your surgery, you'll meet the surgeon. There's not going to be any time for, 'Oh, doctor, I didn't know.'  The surgeon does not stop to answer questions." 

Duane Pohlman -- That raised more than eyebrows at the State Medical Board. They've launched an investigation. 

Bill Schmidt, Executive Director State Medical Board -- "That is not acceptable." 

JANUARY 3, 2002
Dr. Mark Speaker and Dr. Dana Morschauser Sued by Susan Cooksey for Medical Malpractice

The Lawsuit  Adobe PDF Format

DECEMBER 15, 2001
Dr. Mark Speaker Sued by Frank Cilione for Medical Malpractice

New York Post, p.10:

Nightclub impresario Frank Cilione says he's gone almost blind in his left eye after botched operations by Dr. Mark Speaker, considered the city's top specialist in Lasik eye surgery.  Cilione, who owns NV in Soho and NV/Tsunami in East Hampton, has filed a $15 million suit against Speaker, accusing him of "professional negligence" that resulted in "serious and permanent injuries" to his eye.  Cilione claims he went legally blind in his left eye after undergoing several procedures in 1997 and 1998 to correct nearsightedness.  Speaker did not return our call.

The Lawsuit  Adobe PDF Format

OCTOBER 12, 2001
Dr. Robert Lehmann Sued by Paul Rountree for Medical Malpractice

The Lawsuit  Adobe PDF Format 

SEPTEMBER 28, 2001
Dr. Thomas Tooma Sued by Vince Geraghty for Medical Malpractice

The Lawsuit  Adobe PDF Format

Eyeball Hardball

"Eyeball Hardball" which was published by the Washington Posts describes  questionable marketing tactics used by TLC.


Trust No One - Let's say a friend tells you great things about the surgery he or she got at a certain laser eye center. Your friend may be sincere and may have the best intentions. But your friend may also benefit from your decision. One laser firm, LasikPlus, pays $50 to patients who refer friends and family who end up having the surgery done. Another firm, TLC, has offered discounts to former patients who are willing to talk to other potential patients about their experiences.

AUGUST 8, 2001
Dr. Robert Lingua Sued by Carolyn Montes for Medical Malpractice

Jurisdiction:  California Superior Court, Orange County, California
Case Number:  01CC11234

JUNE 2, 2001
TLC Sued for $91 Million in False Advertising Case

Press Release:

TLC, Inc. sued for $91 million by "Dr. Joseph Dello Russo" for fraudulent radio ads.  May 22, 2001, NYC, NY.  On February 9, 2001, Dr. Dello Russo filed a $91 million civil action suit against TLC, Dr. Eric Donnenfeld and a Dr. "Giuseppi" Dello Russo.

The essence of the complaint is that in November 1999 a radio-unknown local pediatrician named "Giuseppi" Dello Russo had LASIK by Donnenfeld at TLC, Garden City, N.Y.  "Giuseppi" then went on to make radio ads that ran for months on New York radio stations, in which "Giuseppi" claims that he is "Dr. Joseph Dello Russo" and that he had LASIK by Dr. Donnenfeld at TLC.  THe ads go on to praise both.

Since "Giuseppi" failed to identify himself as a pediatrician but reported to be "Dr. Joseph Dello Russo", the most familiar LASIK surgeon name in New York radio, a reasonable radio listener in the New York region would conclude that Dr. Donnenfeld had indeed operated on the LASIK surgeon "Dr. Joseph Dello Russo", arguably the best known LASIK surgeon name in the region.

Dr. Dello Russo states that he is not interested in an out of court settlement, but will wait for a jury trial.  He states that he wants his day in court with TLC, Donnenfeld, and "Giuseppi".

The Lawsuit:  HTML format  Adobe PDF format
The False Advertisement: 
HTML format

MAY 25, 2001
Dr. Thomas Tooma Sued by Steven Nair for Medical Malpractice

The Lawsuit  Adobe PDF Format

MAY 23, 2001
CBS 11 Investigates Lasik Surgery 
http://tlcsurgeons.com/articles/cbsarlington.pdf (archived)


Before surgery, Rountree was examined by 3 doctors. One diagnosed him with "Dry Eye Syndrome," but according to Rountree, the doctor never told him. ... Rountree went to TLC for the surgery, and that's when he met Dr. Robert Lehmann for the first time-- the surgeon who would perform the procedure. 

Reporter: "When was the first time you saw Dr. Lehmann?
Rountree: "Two minutes before surgery."
Reporter: "Did Dr. Lehmann every examine you?"
Rountree: "Never."

Rountree, meanwhile, has drops by every mirror in his home ... "The drops I put in 30 seconds ago. My eyes are burning right now. The pain it never goes away -- 24 hours a day." His eyes are so dry, they sometimes seal themselves shut at night. He even put an ad in the paper -- looking for people who had the same problem.

MAY 18, 2001
TLC Registers www.brentahanson.com

TLC's investors demanded that TLC executives  "do something" about this website.  Although TLC responded by registering the domain name of www.brentahanson.com, TLC hasn't put any content on this web site (yet).  Previously, an employee of TLC, or someone affiliated with TLC had put up a web site at http://i.am/theKingOfBedwetters.  That site no longer exists.

APRIL 6, 2001
Dr. Eric Donnenfeld Sued by Paul Maksimchak for Medical Malpractice

Jurisdiction:    Supreme Court Civil Suits, Suffolk County, NY
Case Number:    017062-2000

FEBRUARY 13, 2001
Dr. Thomas Tooma Sued by Jerry Lehrer for Medical Malpractice and Fraud

The Lawsuit  Adobe PDF Format

Dr. Anthony Pisacano and Dr. Jerome Levy Sued by Peter Nagle for Medical Malpractice

The lawsuit describes in great detail the screening tests that the surgeon(s) failed to administer in order to determine if Peter Nagle was an appropriate candidate for lasik. The lawsuit then went on to describe Peter Nagle's damages in detail.


As a result of the negligence and malpractice of the defendant, the plaintiff has suffered the following injuries which upon information and belief are permanent in nature:

  • PAIN

When TLC-affiliated doctor, Paul Comlee, learned of Peter Nagle's problems, he issued the following statement:  "Big deal".

The Lawsuit  Adobe PDF Format

TLC Executives Sued for Defamation

TLC executives including Elias Vamvakas and Dr. Jeffery Machat were sued by Lasik Vision for intentionally committing acts of defamation in order to obtain a competitive advantage in the market place.  Lasik Vision issued a press release after TLC settled the lawsuit.

The Lawsuit:   HTML Format  Adobe PDF format
My Affidavit:  Adobe PDF format 

JULY 13, 2000
Dr. Mark Whitten Sued by Kashmira Karanjia for Medical Malpractice

In this lawsuit Dr. Whitten is accused of falsifying the patient's medical records, in order to hide the fact that the patient was a high-risk candidate for complications.

The Lawsuit:   Adobe PDF format

JUNE 29, 2000
TLC Sued by Adrian Lofton for Fraud, Breach of Contract, Defamation, and Tortious Interference with Contract

The Lawsuit:   HTML format

JANUARY 9, 1997
Dr. Eric Donnenfeld Sued by Frances Kavanagh for Medical Malpractice

Jurisdiction:    Supreme Court Civil Suits, Nassau County, NY
Case Number:    020138-1996

MAY 5, 1996
Dr. Stephen Slade Sued by Sheryl Sullivan for Medical Malpractice

In this lawsuit Dr. Slade was accused of mixing up patient records, and using the measurement for patient "B" to perform surgery on patient "A".

The Lawsuit:   Adobe PDF format

FEBRUARY 1, 1996
Dr. Stephen Slade Sued by Nancy Koetter for Medical Malpractice

Jurisdiction:    District Court of Harris County, Texas
Case Number:  

MAY 3, 1995
Dr. Eric Donnenfeld Sued by Francine & Vincent Fanto for Medical Malpractice

Jurisdiction:    Supreme Court Civil Suits, Nassau County, NY
Case Number:    030811-1994

SEPTEMBER 26, 1994
Dr. Eric Donnenfeld Sued by Kevin Hufsmith for Medical Malpractice

Jurisdiction:   Supreme Court Civil Suits, Suffolk County, NY
Case Number:    0199151994

OCTOBER 29, 1993
Dr. Stephen Slade Sued by David Nini for Medical Malpractice

Jurisdiction:    District Court of Harris County, Texas
Case Number:  

OCTOBER 10, 1990
Dr. Eric Donnenfeld Sued by Jane Stagg for Medical Malpractice

Jurisdiction:    Supreme Court Civil Suits, Suffolk County, NY
Case Number:

OCTOBER 24, 1988
Dr. Eric Donnenfeld Sued by Frank & Florence Valenti for Medical Malpractice

Jurisdiction:    Supreme Court Civil Suits, Nassau County, NY
Case Number:    0001184-1988

JUNE 23, 1988
Dr. Eric Donnenfeld Sued by Kathryn Monahan for Medical Malpractice

Jurisdiction:    Supreme Court Civil Suits, Nassau County, NY
Case Number:    01387-1988

-$7.2 Million Dollar Lasik Case Won by Mark Schiffer.

-$3.2 Million Dollar Lasik Case Won by Lowell Larson.

-$3.0 Million Dollar Lasik Judgement ...

-$4,000,000.Million Dollar Lasik Case Won by Steven Post.  (Ex United Airlines Pilot)...


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