Lie #1: The LASIK Flaps Heal:

Most of the time, you will be greeted with 'open arms' by the office manager who will appoint a sales commissioned clerk to review, test, explain the LASIK surgery.  What they will NOT divulge to you is of crucial importance, because they know that if you know the truth, you would run out of their office and they will forever 'lose' the opportunity for you to make a fast commission and sale, no matter what the permanent damage inflicted on your only eyes.  So first, see the diagram to the left.  Notice how prior to undergoing LASIK, you had a virgin eye, that had a nice rounded shape so that your naturally produced tear film would evenly be distributed across the surface area of the eye?  After LASIK, it is a fact that you will have more of a 'flattened,' golf-induced divot flap created, which never heals back to normal...leaving the victims (hopefully not you or anyone that you know or care to warn) with permanent complications and from that point on, a very expensive, painful, and possibly impossible ability to ever be able to comfortably tolerate soft or hard contact lenses due to this.    
                                                                                                           -Proof LASIK Flaps Never Heal-

Lie #2: LASIK Has NO KNOWN Injuries:

First, 'permanent creation of a permanent LASIK flap, then lasered with UVS radiation damage which accelerates the 'aging process' of the eye and exponentially accelerating the need for cataract surgery in your 50's or 60s instead of maybe never or in your 80s, is one known permanent injury that the LASIK centers will not inform you about.  Secondly, they will not inform you that you will be 'permanently thinning out your only corneal wall/layers' which is not safe and will never be safe because of the intraocular pressure pushing out from the eye on that area that you see through (the visual zone) which at any point after LASIK loses 98% tensile strength that keeps your eyes regularity of shape, and how it maintains shape to stay stable or regular, and instead inflicts 'irregularity of shape,' 'loss of strength,' and 'leaves the victim open to astigmatism and weakness', or even 'bulging and popping' of corneas which is called Keratoconus but it is LASIK induced so the correct term that injured refractive patients are NOT hearing is 'Post LASIK Induced Ectasia' which many times ends up resulting in a 'Corneal Transplant.'                                                       -Proof The Flap Is Dangerous- 

Lie #3: LASIK Is Safe & Poses Little To No Danger To Patients:

Does this look like there are no risks or that the eye 'being bloodshot' looks like the eye and cornea isn't going through any changes that are less than dramatic and potentially 'long term?'  The process that the eye goes through from 'natural' roundness in shape, and then becoming 'flattened' by having a surgeon's blade is very injuring in itself.  First, the pressure that it imposes on the eye to suction the blade cutter to the eye was for me, the worst part of the procedure.  If I had known it was going to be that extreme, I would have never have had LASIK for that known pain alone.  Secondly, know the truth, that many LASIK ophthalmologist are too cheap and most reuse blades on multiple patients and on multiple patient eyes which common sense will tell you...spreads diseases.  Worse yet, they don't even possess the ethical and legal responsibility to ask the victim if they would like to pay the expense of $50 for 2 brand new blades that make the permanent LASIK Flaps.      -Proof of Reuse of Blades-

Lie #4: LASIK Dryness Goes Away By 6th Month:

This is probably the most believable out of all of the LASIK clinics lies to prove.  Just walk into any grocery store, pharmacy, or convenient store.  Notice all of the Dry Eye Drops that say 'FOR POST LASIK DRYNESS?'  They are making BILLIONS yearly on getting you, the victim, to believe that LASIK is safe and has ZERO long term known injuries when they know it does and always has had known injuries like DRY EYE.  They even created RESTASIS prescription drops and are making MILLIONS more because they know that you would have to have 'Post LASIK Dry Eye Drops' for the rest of your life and that it would get worse every few years and continue to regress.  What's really sad about this, is that they won't even tell you the truth upfront before you pay them $5,000 to do this to you.  They will lie to your face, telling you that sometimes, although rare, some patients may need Dryness Drops for up to 6 months and if needed beyond that, then they have some other type of rare eye disorder and that wouldn't ever apply to you...                          -Proof of LASIK Dry Eye Epidemic-


Lie #5: LASIK Won't Create Fuzzy 20/20 Vision:

Have you ever pondered why every LASIK physician or clinic wants to convince you why it's in your best interests to do 'LASIK on both eyes at the same time?'  The answer may startle you.  Here it is...It's because they want to 'take away a visual reference point' by doing both eyes, you no longer can compare pre/post surgery.  In other words, you can't compare a contact lens in your old eye looking at the Snellen Chart to the left, as compared to your new 'Post LASIK Permanent Vision' can you?  The physicians and brainwashed clerks will tell you how great you're doing every time you go in for your checkups, but they NEVER will give you a clue that you are no longer seeing "HIGH DEFINITION" like you were able to get previously by seeing through your virgin eyes that were perfectly smooth, perfectly hydrating and WET with moisture, and perfectly YOU.  Now your eyes are flattened, drier, and have a permanent flap open to infection and cell UVC radiation damage under the surface.  Plus, one hit in the eye, and the Flap could come off at any time.  Is it worth this risk?                                                                                                      -Proof of LASIK FUZZY Vision-